About Us

Established in 2020, Goodman is based in the lovely countryside near Canterbury. In fact, most of our outdoor embroidered T-shirt designs are inspired by the countryside. Being great lovers of the outdoors ourselves, we love taking in the peaceful beauty, using it as a canvas to come up with vintage inspired, classic and casual clothing styles.
Our embroidered designs are created to be conversation starters.  When we take in the environment around us, it inspires us almost instantaneously. Our artists get to work on integrating the design of our organic cotton garments. We give our artist plenty of room to play around with different design schemes and colours, where they experiment to their heart’s content before coming up with eye-pleasing designs – which remind you exactly why you love the outdoors so much.
In addition to our sustainable cotton clothing, our packaging is also made from environmentally friendly cardboard, polyester, plastic bottles and acid-free tissue paper. Plus, they are all recyclable, so you can rest assured that you’re playing your part in protecting the environment.
Naturally, being a relatively new company and all, we are always bursting with fresh and new creative ideas for our embroidered lineup, all inspired by nature and our love for the environment. So, keep checking our collection for the latest updates.
We started Goodman with one key mission in mind: to bring iconic British heritage to life in small embroideries so they become conversation starters on everyday occasions!
We work closely with our artist as well as independent ones who share our vision for sustainability and preserving the environment.
When you buy a Goodman t-shirt or sweatshirt, you’re buying a beautifully embroidered design that’s made with love and passion for the environment in mind – with select organic cotton material at the core to help you show off that old school fashion sense as you go about getting your daily dose of fun and frolic in the heart-warming countryside.