Our Process

 With us, it’s about making the right choices such as sourcing sustainable organic cotton materials for our clothes and minimising the use of water during our production processes. Here’s what sustainability means to us:


The fabrics we use

We use only organic cotton to produce our clothes – a GMO-free fibre that is grown naturally without any intervention from fertilisers or pesticides. This not only keeps the soil healthy but also protects our farmers from harmful and hazardous chemicals, which may end up in the water during production.

 Another major advantage of organic cotton is that it consumes less water, with the water also going back into the production cycle uncontaminated. Any waste from the process is recycled into animal feed. 


Our Packaging

We use packaging that is made mainly from used polyester, tissue paper, cardboard and plastic bottles. Our motto is to use recycling wherever possible, giving new life to old and discarded materials which would otherwise end up in our green and serene oceans.



Each product is produced in a local GOTS-certified factory and audited bi-annually by the Fair Wear Foundation.

We also have a strict “no child labour” policy and never ask our workers to overwork or use holidays, weekends or leaves to meet deadlines. We also do not tolerate any discrimination or forced labour.

Our workers are well trained to work in a safe and hygienic environment where there are virtually no hazards.



Once the products are ready, they arrive directly at our store, all packaged in beautiful, recycled and biodegradable plastic. We then proceed with the embroidering process which is all done on a “made to order” basis.

The threading used in our clothes is made from a sustainably sourced material called viscose, which has been GOTS-certified as well.

Finally, you're made to order, nature-inspired embroidered t-shirt or sweatshirt is packaged in an environmentally friendly bag that can then be 100% recycled.


Sustainability and Environmental Overview

 All of our embroidered garments are made to order which means we are only producing what is needed and in turn are then reducing waste and environmental harm.

 All the materials and stock we require to print your garment are effectively utilised per the production cycle. In case any materials/stock are leftover and can’t be resold, we use them for testing out new designs. If we still can’t find any use for them, then they end up in our designated recycling centre where they’re converted to energy.

 In addition to our sustainable materials production process and environmentally friendly made-to-order embroidered shirts, we also use solar panels at our production facility to further reduce our carbon footprint.